General Information & Deadlines

  • Fundamental Properties of Water, Steam and Aqueous Solutions

    • Thermodynamic and Transport Properties
    • Molecular Modeling and Spectroscopy
    • Metastable Water and Aqueous Solutions
    • Other
  • Aqueous Systems in Complex Contexts

    • Hydrothermal Systems: Fundamental Properties, Industrial Processes, and Geochemistry
    • Electrochemistry and Corrosion in High-Temperature Water
    • Thermophysical Properties for CO2 Capture, Transportation, and Storage
    • Water and Aqueous Solutions in Biological Systems
    • Other
  • Seawater, Oceans and Atmosphere

    • Thermophysical and Transport Properties of Seawater (session and JCS workshop)
    • Humid Air (joint IAPWS/BIPM session and JCS workshop)
    • Marine chemistry and seawater pH (session and JCS workshop)
    • Thermodynamic Properties of Seawater
    • Ocean and Atmospheric Circulation
    • Other
  • Power Cycle Chemistry

    • IAPWS Technical Guidance Documents (TGD’s)
    • Re-use of Water and Water Savings
    • Chemistry in Geothermal Plants
    • Chemistry in Nuclear Plants
    • Chemistry in Combined Cycle and Fossil Fired Plants
    • Film Forming Amines and Film Forming Products
    • Other
  • Industrial Applications

    • Energy Process Simulations and Engineering - Requirements on Fluid Properties: Fossil, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar, Geothermal, Hydrogen Power Technologies
    • Non-Equilibrium Wet Steam Flow
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics with Real Fluid Properties
    • Other
  1. Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via the online submission system. Abstracts received via fax, e-mail or received after the deadline will not be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the programme or publication.
  2. One author can only submit up to 5 abstracts.
  3. Please preferably use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to run the Abstract Submission Form.
  4. Abstracts are to be submitted into one of the following scientific topics:
  5. A preferred presentation type should be selected during the submission from the following options:
    • Oral presentation
    • Poster presentation
  6. During the submission each author will be asked to confirm, whether he/she is interested to publish his/her abstract in either the „International Journal of Thermohysics“ or the  „ Power Plant Chemistry Journal“
  7. Once the abstract is submitted no further changes are allowed unless an e-mail request is sent to the convention secretariat using the e-mail: abstracts@icpws2018.com
  8. All abstracts will be reviewed by the ICPWS 2018 Scientific Committee, who will consider its formal aspects and the content. They will decide which abstracts will be accepted and may consider the final presentation type.
  9. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book. Abstracts not suitable for display will be rejected. Please have your abstract checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and formal structure. The organiser reserves the right to edit abstracts if necessary prior to the publication in the Abstract Book.   
  10. All presenting authors will receive an acceptance/rejection notification via e-mail by April 15, 2018.
  11. All presenting authors are obliged to register by May 15, 2018.

Abstract Formatting

  1. All abstracts must be written in English.
  2. When submitting your abstract, consider and choose the main theme, scientific topic and the preferred presentation type.
  3. The abstract title is limited by 180 characters and must be submitted using the Sentence case. (eg. This is the title of my abstract)
  4. Up to 20 authors can be included (incl. presenting author). Person, who submits the abstract is automatically considered to be the presenting author and contact person for all future correspondence. Authors order could be changed if needed by swopping the names at the list of the co-authors. The first name is considered to be the main author. Presenting author could be amended in the online submission system while managing co-authors.
  5. Maximum abstract length is 1000 characters and cannot exceed one A4 page of text including one optional picture.
  6. Formulas and special symbols are allowed within the abstract text using a special formula or symbol tool.
  7. 1 Picture can be submitted along with the abstract text. The abstract length including the picture however cannot exceed 1 A4 page.
    • Picture is to be submitted in a separate step, beside the abstract text submission
    • Only Grey-scale pictures will be accepted


Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact the conference secretariat at any time at abstracts@icpws2018.com.


Data Privacy and Security

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